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About Us

G21 Academy is a vibrant community for guitar enthusiasts eager to fast-track their learning and connect through music.

Established by passionate musicians in 2013, we've guided digital nomads, single mothers and entrepreneurs in more than 40 cities around South America, Europe, and Asia to master the guitar, with many performing in concerts within just 21 days.

With our proprietary neuroscience-based method, we've transformed absolute beginners into confident performers, fostering a supportive environment where every strum contributes to a richer, more connected musical journey.

*Terms and conditions apply

6 Reasons Why G21 Students Excel


Proactive Learners

G21 students understand the value of immediate action. They know that starting their musical journey today surpasses waiting for the perfect moment.


Self-driven Achievers

They realize no one else can fulfill their musical dreams for them. They own their learning process, embracing both strengths and weaknesses.


Community Contributors

G21 students embrace the notion that teaching peers is a powerful way to solidify their own skills, reflecting the value of knowledge-sharing as a tool for collective advancement.



Open to feedback and new knowledge, they stay updated with the latest in self-improvement, valuing growth over ego.


Goal-Driven Determination

G21 Students are never complacent, they're always chasing the next milestone, embodying the restless energy of successful entrepreneurs


Clear Communication

They're adept at expressing needs and feedback, understanding that open communication enhances the learning experience for all.


What is the g21 academy method?

The G21 Academy method is an innovative approach to guitar learning in a group setting that leverages neuroscience to accelerate skill acquisition. It fine-tunes the balance of key neurochemicals through carefully structured practice sessions, optimizing for adult brain plasticity. This method, honed over 20 years, is designed to make learning engaging and efficient, ensuring students can play a song from day one and perform in a concert within 21 days. It's tailored for adults seeking a fast, enjoyable way to learn guitar.

Did you say Neuroscience?

Oh yeah we did! Our G21 Sessions harness your brain's natural chemistry to make learning guitar a breeze and a thrill. We have mastered the perfect mix of dopamine, adrenaline, cortisol, and acetylcholine to keep you engaged and improving. Designed with adult learners in mind, our sessions spark the brain's adaptability, making every moment count. 

Do I need prior music knowledge to join the challenge?

Not at all!, the 21-day guitar challenge is designed for adults who are absolute beginners who never played a single chord on guitar. If you can play a few sons on guitar already and still want to join us, please reach out to learn about our advanced programs.

How much time do I need to commit daily?

Our G21 Sessions are 40 minutes of focused practice a day, for 21 days. Either 5 times per week for 4 weeks or 3 times per week for 6 weeks.

What results can I expect in 21 days?

This is a hard one to express with words but our students were more than happy to share their results here:

I don't have a guitar, do you guys provide?

We provide guitars for everyone who doesn't have one. We also have partnerships with music stores, and you can get access to special discounts by joining us.

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