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Harmony Under Pressure

 Transforming Stress into a Learning Super Power

Discover the transformative power of the guitar with G21’s 'Harmony Under Pressure,' a unique talk that unveils how to convert stress into a dynamic force for learning and growth.

This talk highlights how accelerated learning, neuroscience and a guitar can turn the act of learning music into an invaluable tool for managing and converting stress into creative energy.

 event description 

Stop Scrolling, Start Strumming.

This session introduces newly discovered techniques to channel stress into creativity and learning.

It provides a fresh, science-supported view on managing stress for personal and professional betterment. With an interactive demonstration, proven in 40 cities globally, attendees will be invited to apply their learnings and to play a song in 10 minutes, illustrating music's role in stress management.

Participants will leave armed with practical insights for their everyday lives, aimed at enhancing both personal and career development through the unique interplay of music and neuroscience.

See Immediate Results

Enhance Your Work-Life Balance

Unlock Creative Power

Easy-to-Adopt Techniques


Fernando Lavado

Fernando, an artist, entrepreneur and educator from Peru, has captivated over 6 million viewers with his innovative guitar lessons. Traveling across 40 cities worldwide, Fernando demonstrates that anyone can learn to play the guitar in just 10 minutes. His approach combines neuroscience and music to unlock new pathways of learning and stress management.


What should attendees expect to learn?

Attendees of "Harmony Under Pressure" can expect to learn how to transform stress into a positive force using guitar playing, understand the neuroscience behind stress and learning, witness real-time demonstrations of rapid learning techniques, and leave with actionable strategies for personal and professional development. This unique blend of music, science, and practical application offers tools for managing stress creatively and productively.

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to explore stress management techniques, improve focus, or simply enjoy learning guitar.

I don't know how to play guitar. Should I come?

Absolutely! This talk is suitable to everyone, No prior guitar knowledge is needed.

Do I need to bring a guitar?

While not required, bringing your own guitar might enhance your experience

How can this talk benefit my personal and professional life?

Learn practical strategies to manage stress, enhance focus, and boost creativity that apply in all areas of life.


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